We do not operate outside South African borders but can only transport the deceased members body from neighbouring countries namely Lesotho, Swaziland ,Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South of 22? Latitude Line back into South Africa and this benefit is already included in your premium.
You can give us a call anytime of the day if god forbid anyone of your insured family members passes on and we will assist you telephonically from wherever you are or you can go into any of our nationwide branches to lodge a claim and our consultants will call you back to process your claim request.
You can simply call our office telephone number and our sales consultants will call you back for an upgrade quote.
Yes, you can speak to your claims consultant to convert your benefit if need be, however with our world-class funeral services we offer we doubt you would want to do this.
No, our premiums do not increase annually, however should an increase become necessary, you will be informed in writing of any increase before it takes effect.
Yes, you can add a dependent on your existing policy depending on the type of plan chosen.
If one premium is skipped then your policy will be behind with one premium and since your policy lapses after two consecutive unpaid premiums this means that if another premium following the last unpaid premium is unpaid you will then be given a grace period of 15 days to pay the two unpaid consecutive premiums then if still not paid your policy lapses and you will then be required to serve a probationary waiting period relating to the plan type.
When a child reaches 21years of age their benefit falls off policy but if that child is still registered within a recognised learning institution their cover will be kept till they reach 25 years of age and if a child is disabled they are still considered as minor as they can’t take care of themselves because of their disability
We don’t have a cash back benefit on our policies and we do not charge for a cash back benefit, we only charge you for the death risk benefit.
We cater for 500 people and we bring our cutlery, plates, spoons, gas stoves, tents,chairs,tables etc… (everything that involves catering).
No, we give the client a cash pay out to buy their choice of food, but if the client wants us to buy food for them then we arrange with a nearby branch with a list of food that needs to be bought for the family, this is then paid for out of the grocery fund portion of the cover.
Yes we do cover people who are 75+
No, we give our clients a cash benefit (pre funeral fund) before the funeral to pay for the grave as we have clients nationwide and the grave prices are not the same in the different areas where our clients stay or want to be buried.