Funeral Service

If 21st Century Life does not conduct the funeral service, then your total cover benefit will be paid to the claimant in cash.

At 21st Century Life, we conduct funeral services throughout South Africa.

Yes, you have an option of upgrading to a coffin or casket of your choice at an extra cost.

The funeral benefit does not include grocery money.

Each basic funeral service includes a hearse and two family cars. Should you require extra cars, they can be added at an extra cost.


Should you choose to claim cash, the full benefit of your cover will be paid to the claimant.

No, there is no premium cash back.
Our claims payout 48 hours after submitting all the correct documentation.


Our catering benefit includes caterers who prepare and serve food using their own cooking equipment. We also offer caterers only or the full services of providing caterers, cooking equipment, and groceries.

Our catering team caters for every one attending the funeral service, no matter that size.
Yes, at an extra fee, arrangements can be made for 21st Century to go and do grocery shopping for your funeral.
Yes, arrangements can be made to have your tent at home decorated at an additional cost.